The most versatile transportion accessory you will ever find.  



We offer the Kwik Bandit as the perfect tool for your tie down needs.   The Kwik Bandit has thousands of uses; use it for cord and hose management, keeping cupboard doors from swinging open on your RV, strapping bicycles to racks, holding luggage in place, load management, securing loads and so much more.  


Equipment Transportation

The Standard and Heavy Duty Kwik Bandit with Lock Pin products can be easily combined to form long chains of rubber bands which are ideal for securing small to medium sized sports equipment to a roof rack. These easy to use locking straps require no knots or complex ratchet straps, just a simple stretch, wrap and lock!

Safe to Attach and Remove

The Kwik Bandit system uses a flexible rubber technology that has no violent snap-back found in many conventional bungee systems. The result is a simple connection, even in severe cold weather, and a quick release without any risk of injury.

Versatile Strap Technology

We share the enthusiasm of our customers when they tell us of new and innovative ways they are using the Kwik Bandit. It started as an oilfield tool but quickly evolved to support trades companies, musicians, home owners and general contractors. Designed to be long lasting, our binding product will see hundreds of uses before any need of replacement.

Our Heavy Duty Kwik Bandit is the strongest version that has become popular with heavy industry and construction. This is the ideal solution for grouping and bundling pipes or securing heavier loads and binding materials during work. The Heavy Duty Kwik Bandit is functional in extreme weather conditions, resistant to sun damage and capable of 75 lbs of tensile strength.

Heavy Industry

The Kwik Bandit is designed and manufactured to withstand the most extreme environments. Many companies hauling fluids and cement use the Heavy Duty Kwik Bandit as a cam lock safety strap.

Safety in the Workplace

Three easy steps: Stretch, Wrap Lock! One of our goals was to design a product that replaced dangerous binding products that have caused serious workplace injuries from normal operation.

Recreational Vehicles

The Kwik Bandit is the modern, safer, and more versatile alternative to the bungee cord.  Easy to use in any weather and always safer. The number of uses for the KwikBandit are endless.  


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