The Kwik Bandit garden tie has application in  every aspect of horticulture
Whether you're in your home garden, running a nursery, run a garden centre, farming,  or cultivating grapes, you'll appreciate the thousands of uses of the KWIK BANDIT Garden Tie. 


The Kwik Bandit Garden tie has thousands of uses in the field of horticulture.  Gone are the days when fastening in your garden, nursery or vineyard involved ropes.  The Kwik Bandit is easy on plants and the planet.  They are a simple and easy way to stake trees, train vines, and nurture plants.  Our versatile tie is used by vineyards, greenhouses, nursery centres, landscapers and much more.   UV resistant, reusable and stretchable the Kwik Bandit Garden Tie will become an indispensable part of your gardening experience.  

No more knots. easy on your fingers.  Stretch, wrap & lock.

What ever you are growing or where ever you are, you are using something to train, stake, nurture, support, and bundle.  We are confident that nothing you are using is as simple, versatile and durable as the Kwik Bandit Garden Tie.  The Kwik Bandit comes in 3 lengths; 8 inch, 14 inch and 24 inch.  Tested to - 40 and + 120 C the Kwik Bandit is poised to become the leader in Horticulture the world over.  For more information simply complete the form below and we'll be in touch super fast.  

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